About us

We are a global independent group who are passionate about data protection. We specialize in providing you with the tools and knowledge to compliance.

Our story

We are enthusiastic professionals brought together to combine our knowledge in order to deliver, transform and empower each and every individual with the materials, tools, knowledge and compliance to better serve their personal objectives and that of their clients within the field of GDPR and Data Protection protocols, including correct practices.

Why us?

People choose us because we are fair and trustworthy in what we offer. It’s what we focus on and not a by-product to a group of services. It’s about empowering the many and not the few by offering some of the best value in the industry.

GDPR Registrar is designed with attention to detail. Our focus is to maintain a powerful user friendly platform that will serve you and adapt as technologies and trends continue to evolve.

By maintaining the focus and addressing the shortfalls with GDPR from a perspective of compliance, education, work based training and employment.

Our candidness comes from being straight up and direct with our members whilst maintaining the foundation of respect and not wasting their time. We have found that they appreciate the honesty whilst resenting the deceit. Many seek our counsel because they understand and trust in what we stand for.

To expand our platform into a multilingual site. Achieving this target is one where it requires the setting up of GDPR Registrar chapters around the world under our country licensing agreements.

Our Experience

Moving Forward, GDPR and Data Protection is a turning point for every individual and organization worldwide. Our combined experience permits us to deliver an honorable service to you and the community at large. Our primary skillsets include:

  • EU and Global Privacy Laws
  • IT Operations and Programming
  • Information Systems Auditing
  • Multi Project Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Relationship Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Legal & Technical Training
  • Engaging with Emerging Laws & Technologies
  • Multi Discipline Training
  • Reporting to Senior Management & Stakeholders
  • eLearning Systems Design & Development

Our investors

Our investors are our beneficiaries, and that’s you. GDPR is primarily funded by Compliance Memberships and individual contributions.

Our advisers

A wonderful small group of professionals that permit us to cut through the chase and deliver you a platform of trust and productivity.

Our members

Dedicated to offering free education for all members and commitment to compliance. Knowledge is Wealth and Trust is the foundation.