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Providing online education, tools, resources, compliance and representation relating to the GDPR protocols.


we foster free education, knowledge, self development and compliance

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  • for personal use in any environment
  • lifetime membership ☑
  • 1 member per account ☑
  • full access to regulations ☑
  • full access to handbooks ☑
  • full access to gdpr careers ☑
  • unlimited self evaluations ☑
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  • for gdpr compliance & representation
  • 12 month membership ☑
  • 1 member account ☑
  • full access to regulations ☑
  • full access to handbooks ☑
  • full access to forms & tools ☑
  • full access to gdpr careers ☑
  • full access to future materials ☑
  • privacy policy page ☑
  • cookie policy page ☑
  • social policy page ☑
  • unlimited self audits ☑
  • unlimited self evaluations ☑
  • unlimited job listings ☑
  • registered EU postal address ☑
  • registered EU business number ☑
  • gdpr representative based in the EU ☑
  • gdpr commitment to compliance seal ☑
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  • for anyone seeking gdpr certification
  • choose any certification level ☑
  • interactive virtual learning platform ☑
  • sit the exam within 12 months ☑
  • three chances to pass the exam ☑
  • achieve minimum 80% in the exam to pass ☑
  • download your digital certification ☑

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here’s what a few people have to say

  • I have quickly come to understand that in today's rapidly changing world, you need to keep udapting. In case you were not aware, what we learn today has a maximum lifespan of five years. This isn't what I think, it was defined by a joint research conducted by Harvard Business Review and Deloitte. GDPR is quickly evolving to become part of our day to day workplace and as a student I have found GDPR Registrar as an invaluable source to expand my knowledge in data protection to compliment my legal studies here in Germany. It's critical to stay up to date with the changes taking place or you will quickly end up on the wrong end of the scales. Definitely recommend my fellow students in signing up with GDPR Registrar. "Wissen ist Macht!"

    Friedrich.K Law Student
  • As a leading realtor in Thessaloniki, it is extremely important to me that the people we serve both as potential buyers and sellers feel safe and secure when they hand over their personal details. Here I have been able to get my staff to study and reference GDPR laws not only in English but also in Greek, which is very important to us. Definitely recommend GDPR Registrar for any company big or small.

    George.S Realtor
  • This website is simply amazing, I give it 5 stars in every category. Design, Features, Documentation, Trust, Ethics and so much more. It's an absolute must for anyone looking to improve their personal skill-sets and knowledge. As an employee in a small company, I have been able to give great added value to my employer, our customers and most of all to myself esteem and value.

    Madisson.O Employee
  • GDPR is an important regulation that applies to over 100,000 Chinese companies conducting business with Europe. Gdpr registrar is a great place for Chinese companies to learn about compliance and also to be able to have a registered address within Europe as required as part of its compliance. Knowledge and trust is everything. Thank you to all at Gdpr registrar for this wonderful service.

    Stephanie.H Trade Council
  • Holding down a senior position within a reputable organization requires to constantly evolve and improve my personal skills within multiple disciplines. GDPR Registrar has permitted me at my own pace to study, learn, reference and implement data protection disciplines within the communications sector in Australia, thus delivering a higher level of trust towards our greatest asset. The asset I'm referring to is our customers. Highly recommend this platform to all individuals from students to senior management across all industries.

    Jenet.H UAT Telstra Super
  • As a national organization within the tourism industry, 32% of our clients are European citizens. It was extremely important that we brought ourselves into line with GDPR regulations within the US. In our research to find a platform that met our expectations, we chose GDPR Registrar as the place where we could educate our employees, concurrently gaining our compliance seal.

    Steve.W Tourism
  • I have spent loads of time and searched most of the web regarding data protection for my clients dealing with EU citizens and none come close to this one! Simple membership access with a plethora of knowledge at my fingertips. That's what I call "easy direct learning". In today's world it's all about keeping it simple and direct. This is what GDPR REGISTRAR does. Highly recommend it!

    Jason.T Accountant
  • Vous n'êtes jamais trop vieux pour apprendre (You are never too old to learn). Even though I have retired does not mean I cannot continue to learn. Enjoying the knowledge and how easy to use this website is. Keep up the wonderful work.

    Adele.D Over 60's Club