If you’re reading this from outside the boarders of the European Union, you’re probably thinking ‘so what, this doesn’t affect me or my organization’. Think again; “increased territorial scope”. The GDPR affects organizations of any size both inside and outside of the EU. In fact, any company or individual dealing with EU businesses’, residents’, or citizens’ data directly or indirectly will have to comply with the GDPR. Even if a company does not have a European presence, it will still have to understand the impact of GDPR if it processes an EU resident’s personal data knowingly or not. This includes data collected in connection with goods and services offered to that person or the monitoring of their behavior as far as their behavior takes place within the EU or via the use of third party systems like Google Analytics.

You are required to designate a representative in the EU who will “act on behalf of the controller or processor (that’s you) and may be addressed by any Data Protection Authority (DPA)”. Concurrently you are required to have a registered mailing address and contact phone number within the EU. This is where we have you covered!


Your membership is valid for 12 months and is renewable each year.


You are permitted to access and use your account on any device. You are not permitted in sharing your account to 3rd parties and to be used simultaneously on multiple devices at the same time.


You have full access to the GDPR REGULATIONS as forwarded by the Official Journal of the European Union in 24 languages and presented by GDPR Registrar as a digital interactive publication.

Some of the things you can do online include:

1: searching the publication

2: printing any page or the complete publication

3: downloading any page

4: adding/referencing/editing/deleting your unlimited personal digital notes


You have full access to the handbook providing an overview of the EU’s and the CoE’s applicable legal frameworks and presented by GDPR Registrar as a digital interactive publication.

This 394 page handbook is an invaluable source where it:

1: explains key case law

2: summarizes major rulings of both the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights

3: presents hypothetical scenarios that serve as practical illustrations of the diverse issues encountered in this evolving field


You have full access to various forms & tools relating to data protection assisting in your multidimensional path to compliance. These forms are a work in progress and we will continuously be adding new forms to the system.


Upon registration, you are provided with a branded default policy page covering Privacy, Cookie, Social, Online & Offline terms & conditions. Simply take your link and place it wherever you desire. You can also edit/adjust your Policy Page at anytime.



At “anytime” you can post unlimited job opportunities within your organization where the said position also requires the successful applicant in possessing the minimum level of knowledge in data protection.


Non EU Entities that handle data from citizens residing within the European Union are required by law to have a registered postal mailing address within the European Union to receive any mail relating to GDPR matters. When mail is received, we scan the original and forward it to you via email. Thereafter the original hard-copy is either:

a) shredded and destroyed or

b) mailed to you via post (registered mail) at your designated address within your country at 14.95 per mail for postage and handling.


Non EU Entities that handle data from citizens residing within the European Union are required by law to appoint a GDPR Representative to handle general matters relating to GDPR, where those general matters go beyond the responsibility of the Controller and/or Processor of information within your Community, which in this case is you.

We act as your representative, and will recommend to you on what actions are required to be taken. Being your GDPR Representative has a cost factor attached to it only when we engage. Instead of charging you an unjustified monthly default fee (which can run into the thousands per year), you will be billed on the rate of 50.00 per hour as required.

If the actions require legal representation, you will be able to appoint a law firm to handle the matter for you or we can recommend the appropriate legal entity to handle your matter.

We do not act as legal advisers as it becomes a conflict of interest under GDPR protocols.


Becoming a GDPR Organization Member gives you the accreditation of your commitment towards GDPR Compliance.

According to FORBES magazine, GDPR Compliance will bring 5 benefits to your entity:

Benefit 1: Enhancing Your Cybersecurity

Benefit 2: Improving Your Data Management

Benefit 3: Increasing Your Marketing Return On Investment (ROI)

Benefit 4: Boosting Your Audience Loyalty And Trust

Benefit 5: Becoming The First To Establish A New Business Culture