Q: What do I need to keep in mind about GDPR?

The top 12 key factors to keep in mind about GDPR protocols regrading European Union Residents (EURs) (full-time or temporary including foreign tourists) within the European Union, no matter where in the world this activity is conducted from include:

☑ Handling data on EURs.

☑ Offering goods and/or services to EURs.

☑ Monitoring and/or tracking the activities of EURs.

☑ Conducting any form of business or commercial activities with EURs.

☑ How serious you are about doing the right thing with EURs data.

☑ How you store EURs data.

☑ How you process EURs data.

☑ How you access EURs data.

☑ How you transfer EURs data.

☑ How you disclose EURs data.

☑ How you interact with EURs data.

☑ How you react to an infringement on EURs data.

question sent in by Patricia.Z from Hong Kong