Q: What is GDPRs global reach?

The impact of GDPR is global.

GDPR is a legal chapter established by the European Union and affects directly any entity worldwide that that applies, handles, processes, and/or monitors personal data of residents (full-time or temporary including foreign tourists) within the European Union, no matter where in the world this activity is conducted from. Simply put, you cannot hide from it or avoid it.

Currently, over 23,000,000 companies worldwide in 191 countries conduct some form of business activity which involves European Union residents. Chances are you’re one of these companies.

Here are the 3 key questions you need to immediately ask yourself:

  1. Do you have a registered mailing address within the European Union for all your GDPR related matters?
  2. Do you have someone with exceptional GDPR knowledge and data protection experience within the European Union to be your first line of contact regarding GDPR related matters?
  3. Have you taken the first basic steps towards GDPR compliance?

If you answered NO to any one of the 3 questions then we can assist you. GDPR Registrar is designed to provide the platform for entities such as yourself to commit to compliance and to be registered & represented within the European Union as required by law.

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question sent in by Theresa.C from Dubai