If you are seeking a career as a DPO or a DPODA or searching to find a qualified individual to fill the opening within you organization, then its free to place your listing with us, no strings attached.


We offer two levels of certifications. One being the DPO (Data Protection Officer) and the second being the DPODA (Data Protection Officer & Data Architect) with the exams being taken online.


GDPR has created a whole new industry with a massive shortfall on Data Protection Officers (DPO). We will identify the institutions and courses that will open up the doors to such opportunities.


We provide you with worksheets that you can download and print to assist you within your GDPR activities. These worksheets are prepared for you in PDF format so you can get going right away.


We provide a global platform for anyone to become GDPR compliant with the GDPR Compliance Seal, showing your commitment to the GDPR regulations and protecting your good name.


The majority of the community are confused by what GDPR stands for, delivering confusion and panic among the populace. We will continually endeavor to provide you with the most accurate answers.


As the world's first independent GDPR body, we offer recommendations to various institutions, companies and individuals within the Data Protection sector, that you may find useful at some stage.


Access our GDPR ASSESSMENT FORMS and run your own assessment at your pace on where you stand with GDPR. This is extremely useful to business operators both online and offline worldwide.


Access the GDPR REGULATIONS in interactive digital format and 24 languages to learn, bookmark, add notes, print and download. Go to REGULATIONS on the menu bar and select your language.